My Account Single Sign On FAQs

Q: How do I reset my Password?
A: Click on the Forgot Password link in the Sign On screen and follow the instructions. Please note that you must have a working email address able to receive messages from to reset your password successfully.

Q: How do I get back to the area I originally wanted to access after I sign in?
A: You will automatically be redirected to TechDirect after you have successfully logged in.

Q: My Sign In screen looks different than where I usually log in. Why is that?
A: Dell EMC is moving to a single sign-on capability across all of Dell EMC web portals. As part of that transition, TechDirect is making updates to leverage that single sign-on capability. This will allow you to seamlessly move across various Dell EMC web portals while maintaining your logged in state. The new login page you will be presented with is the standardized Dell EMC login page.

Q: I received a message that I entered my password in wrong too many times and my account is now locked. What do I need to do to unlock my account?
A: Once an incorrect password has been entered six times, you will need to wait 1 hour before attempting to enter the correct password or click on ‘Forgot Password’ to reset your password. Please note: If you try to enter a password before the 1-hour time is expired, even if it is the correct password, you will extend the timeline for the account to be locked.