ProDeploy Client Suite

ProDeploy services help you get more out of your technology starting on day one. From the comfort of your office and with the click of a mouse, manage every task required to get PCs from our factory to your employees' desk, up and running. TechDirect allows you to tell us how you want your PCs built and deployed, all from within an online portal. Your Dell EMC engagement manager has visibility to your deployment details so he or she is always up-to-date. In TechDirect, you:

  • Download the ImageAssist tool to create a single cross platform image
  • Upload your image
  • Select BIOS settings
  • Request asset tags and reports
  • Sanitize system data*
  • Specify deployment instructions
  • Check project status
  • Save and re-use deployment project profiles for faster re-ordering

Dell EMC Partners

Are you a Dell EMC Channel Partner who resells or co-delivers ProDeploy Client Suite? If so, be in the driver's seat on your customer's ProDeploy Client Suite deployment. In TechDirect, you:

  • Add your customer's contact information
  • Assign an access level to your customer (no access, read-only access, or read/write (full) access)
  • Input system build and deploy details
  • Track progress

Try TechDirect before you buy

You can try TechDirect before you buy ProDeploy Client Suite services. Keep in mind you will need to use the same email address to register in TechDirect as when you place your order.

Get started steps:

  1. Click "Get Started" button below
  2. Sign Terms
  3. Select "ProDeploy Client Suite" card box
  4. Select "Preconfigure" button
  5. Click "Create New" button
  6. Select service level and system type
  7. Start entering PC build and deployment details

Existing customers can preconfigure any time by visiting ProDeploy Client Suite in the "Services" navigation menu.

Dell EMC Partners

Partners can also try the preconfigure experience to explore and understand TechDirect.

Get started

Order today

You don't have to try TechDirect before you buy a ProDeploy Client Suite service. You can place an order anytime. After placing an order, an email will be sent to you when you can begin entering deployment details in TechDirect. Get started steps:

  1. Click the link in the email
  2. Sign Terms, if not already done
  3. Select "ProDeploy Client Suite" card box
  4. Sign ProDeploy Client Suite Terms, if not already done
  5. Select "Create Project"
  6. Create a new project, name it and select the orders to include in the project

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* For more information, please see the Dell EMC Media Sanitization Statement. Dell EMC makes no recommendations regarding the customer's security needs or representations regarding the effectiveness of one method of data removal over another. It is the customer's responsibility to protect any confidential or sensitive information contained on its hard drives recovered by Dell EMC.