When a hard drive or processor fails, your day is disrupted. This is why we introduced SupportAssist, the automated proactive and predictive support technology that helps you maximize uptime. SupportAssist proactively detects issues and automatically sends alerts when problems arise, along with the system state information needed for troubleshooting. A support agent then contacts you to complete resolution.

SupportAssist alerts can be configured to flow into TechDirect for convenient, centralized management. Only ProSupport, ProSupport One and ProSupport Plus systems receive alerts in TechDirect. Give your team time back in their day to focus on the projects that matter most.

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TechDirect gives you the flexibility to group assets and assign technicians to manage alerts concerning those assets. Assets are discovered in one of three ways:

  • SupportAssist – device inventories are automatically updated with this method
  • Your Dell EMC Technology Service Manager
  • Manually uploaded by you

Get Started for PCs:

  1. Review the Deployment Guide and how-to videos.
  2. Install and configure SupportAssist.
  3. Select an account Administrator.
  4. Administrator enrolls at NOTE: The Administrator's email must be used in the SupportAssist configuration settings on each device.

Get Started for Enterprise Systems:

  1. Register for an account at and sign TechDirect Terms.
  2. Visit the SupportAssist card and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Select Manage Assets and then Manage Sites & Devices.
  4. Click Add Devices to Site.
  5. Select the Connect to an existing SupportAssist Enterprise install radio button.
  6. Enter your SupportAssist registration ID available on the About page of the SupportAssist Enterprise interface.
  7. Verify the service tag of one of your systems and enter the phone number or email used when registering SupportAssist. Learn more in the User Guide.

Alert Settings:

Your team can take ownership of, update, close or forward a SupportAssist alert to Dell EMC for assistance. Once forwarded, alerts move to the Active Service Requests or Dispatch Summary sections of TechDirect. Alerts can either auto-forward directly to Dell EMC or be held in the SupportAssist Alerts list for individual processing by your team. Your account Administrator must turn on the auto-forward feature if you would like to use it. Other settings include an inactivity notice so you can establish the number of days an alert is allowed to have no activity before a notice is sent to your account Administrator and the assigned Technician. If an alert completion date has expired, your account Administrator will receive a late notification.
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