Technical Support

Research has found roughly 80% of IT time is spent on routine operations and support*. With 100 new company accounts enrolling weekly and 1.4 million dispatches happening each year, TechDirect has proven its effectiveness as a support tool. Whether dispatching replacement parts or logging support tickets, your IT staff will experience up to a 90% boost in productivity**.

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Registration Steps:

  • 1. Select an Administrator.
  • 2. Administrator enrolls at
  • 3. Administrator adds other users.
  • 4. Users receive login details via email.

Additional steps to self-dispatch:

  • 5. Administrator signs Dispatch Terms & Conditions.
  • 6. Dispatch authorization trainings are completed.

Free, online authorization courses are required if your team would like to request replacement parts through TechDirect. Companies dispatching a high volume of parts are invited to take part in the TechDirect labor reimbursement program for an additional fee.

For enhanced end-to-end support, use TechDirect with Dell Technologies SupportAssist — an application that enables proactive system checks, automated resolution and predictive analysis.

*Source is IDC Converged and Integrated Systems End-User Survey (N=308), July 2013.
**Claim made by Host Europe in the Host Europe frees up time and cuts IT spend with Dell Technologies ProSupport Flex for Data Center customer story. 90% boost in IT staff productivity was seen by passing phone-based ticket management.